PEAK: Bikram Yoga (90 min class)

This class is taught by:

Karen B Butler

Karen was first introduced to Bikram yoga early 2009. Having suffered with lower back pain for many years, she found immediate relief and benefit, and immersed herself into the discipline. With strict dedication she achieved rapid progression and found her life underwent significant improvement, as she developed both spiritually and physiologically. In spring of 2011, she decided she wanted to pass on this wonderful experience to others, undertaking the Bikram training course in Los Angeles and is now a fully qualified teacher. Karens philosophy is 'To know yoga, is to know Peace.' She is looking forward to helping others achieve the serenity and fulfilment she has found in her teaching. In 2014 Karen wanted to broaden her teaching skills and qualified in pregnancy yoga.

Paul Spencer Dobson

Paul was on a trip to Miami 2004 when he saw a sign for a Bikram Yoga studio. After the first class he was hooked, he couldn’t get enough of it! Paul practiced every day of his vacation. Returning to London, Paul continued with his practice before going on the teacher training in Spring 2006. Paul’s background is in Contemporary Dance. He performed for various dance companies around Europe and his yoga practice has given him focus. Paul enjoys teaching and being able to support the students with their practice. Paul encourages students to have an awareness of their body, mind and the process of practicing yoga. He teaches a disciplined, positive class with a light sense of humour.

Sanjai Verma

Sanjai is a not so secret agent of yoga, travelling the world on missions to spread the light. In days gone by, he used to be undercover, fronting as an accountant. However, he is now so well known that he has abandoned his cover and now practises with reckless abandon wherever he lays his hatha. Showing at a studio near you soon.

Tammy Roberts

Tammy was a dedicated gym bunny her whole life and didn’t think anything would tear her away from her kettlebell and spinning sessions until a couple of friends suggested Bikram yoga. Tammy went every day of her intro offer and was amazed at the immediate and drastic effects the yoga had – especially on her insomnia. She signed up as an annual member right away and has practiced almost every day since, culminating in attending teacher training in 2012.

Through this practice, Tammy has found strength and flexibility she didn't even know she had. This has led her to explore other yoga disciplines as well which have further enhanced her Bikram experience. As a teacher, Tammy loves seeing the smiling happy faces leaving the hot room and realising that the powerful and energising benefits she herself has gotten from the practice are being felt by her students too.

Bikram Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga conducted in a heated room. The 90 minute class is designed to work all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints in the entire body throughout the 26 postures. Beginners are welcome. Be prepared to sweat!

Upcoming classes:

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