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Bikram Yoga - Cheeky Yoga Day!

This class is taught by:

Olga Allon

Olga was working as an architect until 2003. During this time she felt increasingly stressed in all parts of her life and started to feel aches and pains in her body from spending much time in front of a computer. Olga had tried other types of yoga but spent a long time of putting off going to try a Bikram class. ‘..when I finally made it to class I was immediately drawn to the yoga because of the challenge that every class gave me. I very quickly started to feel better about my body and I felt more relaxed.’ Olga continued a regular Bikram practice for 4 years before embarking on her life changing decision to give up her regular job and train to become a teacher. Olga’s dream was to combine her love of yoga with her love of architecture and design a space where people could come and enjoy this fantastic yoga. ‘I feel that in Fulham, I have created a beautiful retreat for people to get away from the hectic world around them and do something incredibly good for their body and mind.’ Olga believes that Bikram yoga is for everyone, whatever their age, size, body type. Olga’s first daughter, Yasmin, was born in 2005 and Skye was born in 2007.

Karen B Butler

Karen was first introduced to Bikram yoga early 2009. Having suffered with lower back pain for many years, she found immediate relief and benefit, and immersed herself into the discipline. With strict dedication she achieved rapid progression and found her life underwent significant improvement, as she developed both spiritually and physiologically. In spring of 2011, she decided she wanted to pass on this wonderful experience to others, undertaking the Bikram training course in Los Angeles and is now a fully qualified teacher. Karens philosophy is 'To know yoga, is to know Peace.' She is looking forward to helping others achieve the serenity and fulfilment she has found in her teaching. In 2014 Karen wanted to broaden her teaching skills and qualified in pregnancy yoga.

Brittney Emley

Brittney completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher training in the fall of 2010. She was hooked from her very first yoga class and within three months knew she wanted to teach. Brittney describes how, as a teacher, she tries 'to teach a class that I would want to take. Something that is equally as tough as it is calm.' Besides being a Bikram Yoga teacher, Brittney also teaches Kindergarten. She is qualified in kid's yoga and trained in the Bikram Yoga pregnancy series.

Sindy Haque

Sindy became a Bikram yoga teacher in the Fall 2009. Practising the Bikram Beginner's yoga class was the first time that Sindy was able to completely switch off her mind, dramatically reducing her anxiety in what she describes as 'a powerful experience, I couldn't not go to the teacher training!' Sindy teaches a dynamic, disciplined and energetic class.

Paul Spencer Dobson

Paul was on a trip to Miami 2004 when he saw a sign for a Bikram Yoga studio. After the first class he was hooked, he couldn’t get enough of it! Paul practiced every day of his vacation. Returning to London, Paul continued with his practice before going on the teacher training in Spring 2006. Paul’s background is in Contemporary Dance. He performed for various dance companies around Europe and his yoga practice has given him focus. Paul enjoys teaching and being able to support the students with their practice. Paul encourages students to have an awareness of their body, mind and the process of practicing yoga. He teaches a disciplined, positive class with a light sense of humour.

Sherene Skinner

Sherene comes from a musical theatre background, having danced professionally for over 20 years in a variety of styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz and contemporary. On her first introduction to Bikram yoga she soon became obsessed with the yoga and its benefits and found a daily practice was the only way forward. Sherene loves teaching Bikram yoga, alongside teaching Bollywood Dance and cheerleading and welcomes the opportunity to help people all over the world to see how truly amazing this Yoga is!

Dom Emley

Dom was first introduced to yoga in 1995 while shoe-string traveling in India. Unintentionally drawn to various yoga teachers in ridiculously scenic locations, Dom started learning some basics. This was a polar opposite but perfect match to all his previous rugby-centric training. On graduating Uni, Dom flew straight to the northern Japanese mountains and stayed there for 7 years teaching English at schools and universities. Dom's Tokyo-based yoga teacher turned out to be Bikram's brother which led to Dom competing teacher training in 2007. Post training, Dom spent a couple of years travelling and teaching across 30 states in the USA, including spending a year in Vegas, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and London. Bikram then invited Dom to be part of the organisation and run the training for 3 years in Hawaii, Acapulco, Palm springs, Vegas and San Diego. Dom says he has been lucky enough to have had a very high exposure to the most highly regarded teachers through the 8 years in the Bikram community, taking hundreds of classes and lectures from the big hitters Bikram, Emmy, Raj, Craig, and the many more. It has been an incredible journey on paper but the biggest journey with yoga is, as Dom says, 'what happens on the inside.' Dom's classes are 'invigorating, rigorous and dynamic.'
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