An Introduction to Yin Yoga - A Workshop
The Yin Workshop will allow you to slow down and stay in your yoga shape for a few minutes, to give you time and space to connect with the body. Instead of telling the body what to do, we start to listen.
Yin Yoga is a slow, calm and profound form of yoga. It is a way to find harmony in the present by trying to allow ourselves to just be. It is an opportunity to allow ourselves to feel sensations, emotions and just be with them as they are, not trying to change anything, simply observing and accepting.

This is not to say Yin is not challenging! The postures are held for a long period of time, maybe 3-5 minutes. Yin stretches the deep connective tissues through the body and works deep into the bones, tendons, joints and ligaments. As the muscles relax, opening is enabled.  This is how you feel the postures and go to your deepest stretch; holding postures in stillness is both a mental and physical challenge and one that can bring a deep sense of peace.

In the current climate and the ‘Yang’ lifestyles we all lead, Yin is a place to press reset, come back to yourself and feel the ground beneath your feet.

Yin is a perfect complement to the more Yang styles of yoga such as Bikram and Vinyasa and has the capability to impact positively upon all styles of yoga practice and exercise or movement.

Join me for an afternoon of Yin Yoga where I will explain the principles of the practice in some detail and encourage you to find your edge, challenge you to find comfort in your discomfort and to explore this beautiful state of being.

Harriet McCafferty.