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Taming of Mr Angry Banned Leicester coach Cockerill is hoping yoga can curb his temper. Bikram Yoga is great for improving stess and anxiety.


10 Hot Yoga Tips To Become A Better Runner

Are you preparing for the a Marathon or race for life?  See why Bikram Yoga will help your training regime. Below we have listed the ten top reasons why runners love Bikram Yoga...
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Bikram Yoga Can Heal Old Injuries That You Didn't Know You Had!

Injuries can remain dormant in your body for a life time.Read More

Vita Coco Sold At Bikram Yoga Brighton Is Now The Official Hydrating Partner With Human Race (Multi Sport Event Organisers).

We've just heard that Vita Coco have partnered with the multi sport event organisers Human Race as the official hydrating partner for 2013. Human Race will be delivering over 50 events in triathlon, cycling, running, duathlon and open water swimming for over 50,000 participants of all abilities and ages each year.

Vita Coco will be offering a truly natural hydration alternative to over 50 sporting events during 2013 in the UK.  How exciting! Vita Coco is all natural, never made from concentrate come and try it after a Bikram Yoga class.

Here at Bikram Yoga Brighton we are avid fans of Vita Coco - a natural way to rehydrate after a fantastic class of Bikram Yoga!

Did You Know It Takes 21 Days To Form A Habit?

If you do something every day for twenty one days then it becomes a habit.  At Bikram Yoga Brighton we have an introductory package for clients to try hot yoga for a month.  What a great new habit to form?

Bikram yoga is a hatha practice developed by Bikram Choudhury. It consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that are performed in the same order each time in a room that is heated to 45 degrees. It is a workout for all the body - inside and out.

At Bikram Yoga Brighton we will be doing a 30 day challenge starting in April - why not join us and form a great habit?  Your body will thank you for it!  

Congratulations To Those Who Took Part In The 2013 Brighton Half Marathon...Why Runners Love Bikram Yoga!

Congratulations to all of you who took part in the 2013 Brighton Half Marathon!  There were over 10,000 entrants for this years half marathon, which has been organised for the last 23 years.  But apart from keeping all you runners training it also raises vital funds for some very worthwhile charities. For some of you this will be part of your training regime ready for April when you particpate in the Full marathon.  

If you are feeling a stiff, have tight muscles or an injury you should consider visiting Bikram Yoga Brighton.  The heat will help your muscles and body relax and repair.

Below we have listed the ten top reasons why runners love Bikram Yoga....

1. You build lung capacity! 

2. You sweat

3. Improved cardiovascular activity 

4. You can still practice with an injury 

5. Yoga heals old injuries 

6. You become stronger - mentally  and physically 

7. Yoga makes you alkaline!

8. Yoga encourages healthy habits

9. You will have a healthier spine than when you were a child

10. Yoga is a path to self-realisation  

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