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Beginners Master Class

This is a chance for all you beginners to take class really slow. We will be focusing on the correct technique for each posture, how to do, what to do and when to do. This class will take three hours and will replace our posture clinic for beginners. This class is a free class for students who are on their 30 day introductory package. We also welcome regular students who want to improve their practice, as well as new students who may feel overwhelmed in a normal class setting.

Learn how to get the best out of your body. Over three hours CJ will instruct and help you to achieve better alignment and therefore fantastic postures.

Our next Masterclass is on Saturday 12th October at 11am. This will take the place of our normal 11am class and last for 3 hours. Have you ever been frustrated by postures or just wished you understood why you just find some postures so challenging? Well here is your chance to ask questions, watch the teacher demonstrate and really participate in the class to help improve your postures. This is a 3 hour class, that is not as hot as normal and we will not be working as hard or consistently, we just need more time to fit in all the postures.

We will be joined a this session by Dr Rebecca Nicolas, Chiropractor, who will show you how to improve your situation using the bBikram series to strenthen your back and reduce your pain. This session will have a small cost attched to it of £10. Please call the studio to book or click here to buy online



Booking is essential, as places are limited


So what are you waiting for. This is a great first class, if you are worrying about whether Bikram Yoga is for you.




Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Rajeshree's pregnancy series class will be commencing soon.  Watch for more details.


Come and try our Pregnancy Yoga class. We will be following Rajashree's pregnancy series. This is the same series as the Bikram Series, but without the heat. The studio will be warm to aid you in your practice, but not heated to 45 degrees. The postures are modified to allow for your growing bump.


Please come and try class at whatever stage you are in your pregnancy and enjoy the benefits of relaxation and extra energy that this practice gives. To find out more please call on 01273-420-279




Kids & Youth Yoga Classes

From Tuesday November 6th from 4.15 - 5.15pm we will have the 8 - 17 youth class, which costs £8 per class.

Special offer available of £20 a month for regular attenders. Master the Bikram Series in a fun warm environment

Our youth are the adults of tomorrow, so we need to make sure that they stay fit and healthy. Youth Yoga classes are now available every Tuesday at 4.15pm. The room will be warm and we will follow the same series with some added fun. If we have a great deal of interest we will add more classes. We look forward to seeing you there.

In 2013 we had our first National Youth Championship. Olivia Carlton won Gold.

The international Championships take place on 8-9th June. Can we in the UK win any medals.


Keep posted here for twitter feeds and up to date results





Our Master Classes are very popular with new and regular students alike. You get the chance to look and listen and see postures from students at all levels. You especially get a chance to work on your own postures and improve them at a slow and steady rate.